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ConVocation 2024

Performance Course Series leading up to a Graduation Night showcase

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✨ We’re back for Convocation 2024 ✨

ConVocation is a new Performance Course series where dancers will train and rehearse extensively with an instructor over 8 x 1.5 hours sessions, leading up to a ticketed, casual Graduation Night showcase on 20 and 21 April 2024 in Converge Studios! Dance experience not required, but recommended!

$220 (+$2 for online registration via Mindbody)


• Participants MUST be available for both 20 and 21 April
• Dates for all the courses may not be the same, so do look through the schedule carefully
• Exact dates for the 8 sessions can also be found on Mindbody
• Costumes’ costs are not included in the course fee

❕Maximum of 20 pax per course

Course Schedule

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