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Hip Hop

  • Be it Old School styles that focus on bounces and party elements, or Urban styles that feature intricate movements and clean isolations, our Hip Hop classes are sure to help you find your inner groove.

Street Jazz

  • Mixing the grooves of Street Dance with the lines and extensions of Jazz, Street Jazz has grown in popularity over the years and is often featured in today’s American Pop industry, adopted by some of the biggest industry players such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and more.



  • Ride the Hallyu Wave with Converge in our K-Pop classes, featuring the latest tracks and biggest hits from the Korean Pop Entertainment scene, with brand new choreographies from our K-Pop faculty.


Jazz Funk

  • Fast contractions, sharp movements and crisp accents are all found in this strong, sexy genre. Fusing techniques from multiple styles, our Converge Jazz Funk classes focus on building confidence, body awareness, isolations and control.



  • Clean lines, accents and an exciting “attack” element are what define Old School Jazz. Here at Converge, our instructors cover a variety of Jazz sub-genres through choreography classes, including Broadway Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Contemporary Jazz.



  • Quick contractions followed by a fast release of your muscles allow for “pops” to be created with different parts of your body, forming the basis of Popping dance routines. Converge Popping classes will focus on introducing students to basic body awareness and control, together with isolation and popping techniques.



  • Challenge your feet and ankles as you pick up this percussive dance genre, exposing yourself to shuffles, stomps, ball changes and more, with heavy emphasis placed on musicality, rhythm, weight shift and coordination. Tap Shoes are Optional


Girls’ Style

  • Our Girls’ Style classes are designed to be strong, sexy and tasteful, adopting basic techniques from Street genres to create routines that are empowering, confidence building, and filled with sensuality. Boys are welcome too.



  • This genre combines twirls, waacks, swings and many more arms-based techniques, playing on different layers in a piece of music to create soulful routines to challenge your groove, musicality, control and coordination.

Urban Fusion

  • Our Urban Fusion classes draw influence from multiple genres, including Contemporary and Street, combining various techniques and styles together to create unique choreographies and movement phrases.



  • Dancehall itself is a strong culture that draws from Jamaican influences, spawning its own music, dance and identity. Converge Dancehall classes will begin with basic techniques, grooves and moves, before application to a choreographed routine that will challenge your musicality, body awareness and control.



  • A Funk style that incorporates stops or the “locking” of your body, Locking classes with Converge will introduce you to basic grooves and drills to help you grasp the necessary muscle control and techniques before introducing a choreographed routine.



  • Highly explorative and constantly evolving, Contemporary Dance holds as much focus on control as it does release, and tends to find innovative ways to reinvent movement and dance, while respecting classical techniques, in its movement phrases.



  • This footwork-centric genre began as a social dance, but has since grown into a competitive and expressive genre that combines intricate footwork and fluidity to create smooth, groovy movement sequences.

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