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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the class schedule like?
    Our class schedule is a fixed schedule which is available/reflected on our Instagram or website. There may be replacement at times and these changes will only be reflected on our MINDBODY Online portal.
  • Will there be changes to the schedule next month?
    The schedule will usually remain the same. Should there be any changes in the upcoming month, the changes will be reflected on our Instagram, website and MINDBODY Online portal.
  • What level is suitable for new beginners with no dance background?
    For new beginners, the Basics level classes will be the most comfortable in terms of pacing and difficulty level. Do take note that Basics classes typically cover no choreography, but just techniques and combinations. Refer to for more information
  • What are the different levels offered for the open classes in your studio?
    Basics level (Suitable for new beginners, focus placed on drilling techniques. No choreography, but typically with a combination.) Level 1 (Suitable for individuals with some dance experience. Simple choreography will be covered in these classes) Level 2 (Suitable for individuals with more dance experience. Choreography will be more intricate / technical and covered at a faster pace) Level 3 (Suitable for semi-professional or experienced dancers) Refer to for more information
  • What’s the class size usually?
    The class numbers may vary according to different level, genre and instructor.
  • What’s the age range for the members in class?
    We have a range of secondary students to working adults in our studio. Classes are not age-discriminatory, and we welcome you to find a class that suits your learning pace and style.
  • Do you offer trial classes or rates?
    We do not offer any trial classes or rates in our studio. Do refer to our single class rates if you are interested in taking one single class.
  • What are the packages offered at your studio?
    We have a range of packages offered in our studio, and all packages are activated on the date of purchase. Do refer to
  • Who is entitled to purchase the student package? Are tertiary and overseas institution eligible for this package? Can I purchase the package again after I finish my classes?
    Our student package is an ongoing package and all current students from primary to tertiary (full or part time, local or overseas) will be eligible to purchase this package as long as a valid student ID is presented at point of purchase.
  • Can the class packages be used for any of the open classes in the schedule?
    Our packages can be utilised for any of our open classes regardless of level or genre.
  • How can I purchase class credits? What are the payment modes available?
    You could purchase the class credits: Online: Credit Card (with a small credit card fee) Physcially over-the-counter: Cash & NETS (no credit card)
  • Can packages be shared?
    All our packages are non-transferrable and non-sharable.
  • Is there any gift card option if I would like to purchase a package as a gift for my friend?
    We do not offer gift cards at our studio. However, you may purchase for your friend as long as he/she has an account with us. Should it be a student package, you will be required to present an image of his/her student ID during purchase. Do also note that the package will be activated based on the date of purchase.
  • How many classes do I have left in my package?
    You can log in to your MINDBODY Online account to view your class credits balance and expiration date.
  • How do I book for class if I’m a first timer to the studio?
    For new members, you will first be required to create an online account via our website (book online tab). Booking of classes will only be available if you have packages/credits with us. After you have created your account, you could choose to: Purchase your credits online, and make a class reservation immediately Purchase your credits physcially at the studio counter before class Do note that reservations cannot could be made without class credits There is a possibility that the class might be full It is advisable to drop us a call at 6221 7980 to check on the class vacancy before making a trip down, to avoid any disappointment. Our studio operation hours are: Weekdays 5pm to 10pm Sat 12pm to 4pm Sun 11am to 3pm
  • If I’m attending as a single class, do I need to create an account?"
    Yes, all members attending classes will be required to create an account regardless of the type of package purchased.
  • Can I reserve the class in advance if I do not have a package?
    No. Class reservation is only possible if you have credits in your account.
  • Will I be able to cancel my class booking if I can no longer make it in time?
    Our cancellation policy requires all cancellation of classes to be made 8hrs before the class commencement time. Any cancellation after 8hrs will be considered as late cancellation and the credit will be forfeited.
  • Can I allow my friend to use my package since I am unable to finish it by the expiry date?
    Our packages are non-transferrable and non-sharable. Any members caught sharing packages will result in their credit being forfeited.
  • Can I book and attend a different class of the same timeslot?
  • Can I help my friend to purchase and book for class?
    You can purchase credits for your friend as long as he/she has an account with us. His/her valid student ID must be presented if you are purchasing a student package for your friend.
  • Can I attend a class and make payment after?
    All classes must be paid for before attending the class. We encourage new members to try out a single class before committing to a package.
  • Do I need to sign in at counter again if I have already booked online?
    If you have booked for the class online, you are not required to sign in at the counter again as this will result in double booking of classes. You are, of course, welcome to check if your reservation is confirmed.
  • I forgot my password on MINDBODY Online.
    You can click on the forget password option on the portal to create a new password. Avoid creating another account to prevent errors in migrating of existing class credits.
  • I couldn’t log in to my account.
    You can call us during our operating hours or come down to the studio and we can help troubleshoot for you.
  • Can I create my account through the MINDBODY Online app?
    You are advised to create an account via the website before using the app, as we have encountered issues with accounts created via the app.
  • I have a MINDBODY Online account with other dance and fitness studios. Do I still need to create one for Converge?
    Yes, you will still need to do so. We advise using a different email to avoid errors in reflection of class credits.
  • I am not aware that there is a package expiry/validity for the packages.
    All our packages come with a fixed validity period, and these information for our packages can be found on our website and at our studio counter.
  • I would like to request for an extension for my package expiry date due to studio closure, work or medical leave."
    All our packages expiry date are non-extendable and these clauses are indicated during the creation of account under the terms and conditions.
  • What are the studio rental rates and availability?
    Our studio rental rates are: Studio 1 at $40 per hr (11m x 5m, dance mat flooring) Studio 2 at $40 per hr (9m x 9m, wood laminate flooring) Studio 3 at $40 per hr (12m x 9m, wood laminate flooring) Mega Studio at $100 per hr (21m x 9m, wood laminate flooring) For availability of the studios, we will require individuals to email us at indicating the specific date and time you are looking at so that we can advise further. For information and pictures, refer to
  • Are we able to view the studio before confirming the studio rental?
    Viewing of studio is available during our operation hours which must be arranged in advance.
  • How do we confirm the studio rental?
    Upon the finalisation of the booking with our in-charge, instructions will be provided to assist you on the payment procedures. All payment must be made at our studio 2 to 3 days before the rental date.
  • Any discount for long term booking?
    All our studio rentals are at the above fixed rates and no long-term discounts are offered.
  • Does your studio provide private classes?
    Yes, we do provide private classes for individuals and groups.
  • What are the charges for private classes?
    Our charges for private classes are: $120 per hr for 1 to 2 pax $20 per hr for each additional pax For group private classes, please email us at
  • Is there any difference in the rates if I would like to be taught a choreography for a performance?
    Yes. For private classes that require a choreography for performance purposes, there will be a choreography charge involved. This may vary according to the requirements of the choreography.
  • Can your studio teach an exact MV choreography from YouTube that I am interested to learn and perform for an event?
    Do email us at with your exact request details for further discussion.
  • Any discount for more sessions booked?
    Our studio does not offer discount for our private classes.
  • Can the private classes be conducted at a custom location?
    Do email us at with your exact request details for further discussion.
  • Are there any upcoming courses?
    Announcements will be made on our Instagram page whenever there are new courses.
  • Will there be any discount or make up classes if I miss a session?
    For sessions missed for courses, there will be no discount or make up classes.
  • What’s the differences between course and Basics level open class?
    Both our foundation courses and basics level open classes are suitable for new beginners. Courses will be catered to a fixed group of students throughout the course term whereas an open class will not follow a fixed syllabus and is open to public.
  • Can I use my open class package for courses?
    No. Class packages are only valid for Open Classes.
  • How much do we have to pay for course?
    Rates differ according to the course duration and content.
  • How do I confirm a slot for the course?
    Due to limited slots for our courses, payment must be made at our studio counter via cash or nets in order to confirm a slot for the course.
  • Will there be a situation where the course is unable to commence due to insufficient sign ups?
    Yes, all our courses require a minimum number of sign ups. In an unlikely situation where the course is unable to commence, we will process a refund accordingly.
  • Why is there no answer on the studio phone in the day?
    Our studio is closed in the day on weekdays and our studio operation hours are: Weekdays 5pm to 10pm Sat 12pm to 4pm Sun 11am to 3pm
  • Are there any other outlets/location for your studio?
    Yes, we have 2 locations at the moment. DHOBY GHAUT NEL MRT STATION, 60A ORCHARD ROAD, #B1-04/05/06, S(238890) Tel: 65-6235-8309 ​ POTONG PASIR MRT STATION, 55 UPPER SERANGOON ROAD, #B1-02, S(347694) Tel: 65-6518-9832 Do refer to the respective class schedule for classes held there.
  • What’s the nearest MRT stations to your studio?
    For our Dhoby Ghaut branch, we are right inside the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station (closer to NEL side). For our Potong Pasir branch, we are right inside the Potong Pasir MRT station.
  • Any changing room or showering facilities at the studio?
    We do have washrooms available, but there are no showering facilities.
  • Nearest eating places?
    Both our Dhoby Ghaut and Potong Pasir branches are located in near proximity to shopping malls, with abundance of food options.
  • Will we be able to know what song the instructor will be using for class?
    Some of our instructors do post their song choices on their Instagram.
  • How do I get the class videos taken in the class I attended?
    All class videos will have to be requested from the instructor directly.
  • How long do I need to attend a certain level before I can progress up to the next level?
    There isn’t a fix number of sessions you have to attend for a certain level before you can progress to the next. This is entirely up to your own learning pace and comfort level.
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