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Join dancers from diverse backgrounds and immerse in a full-fledged dance training with one of Singapore’s dance studios, housing the largest faculty of professional instructors.

A.I.M is a training initiative by Converge Studios, to further develop, hone and enhance dancers in their skills and experience. This program is unique in its carefully planned structure, meeting the rising needs of the local industry where more generations of dancers are pursuing the art form in utmost competency.


In this program, we believe that dance is not just genre-defined, but the expression in quality of an individual’s body movement.

A.I.M 2.0 Programs (3-months)


  • Program is open to dancers at least 13 years of age

  • Trainings will be catered for those with a certain level of proficiency, to gain the best out of this experience and journey

  • Chart your own progress alongside an allocated mentor, who will be with you throughout the entire program

  • Guided mentorship with an allocated faculty member, as he/she monitors your progress with personal evaluations

  • Monthly schedule of 20 complimentary open classes, which will be allocated by your mentor (Any additional classes out of the 20 will be subjected to participants’ regular open class credits, but at a discounted rate!)


  • Certificate of completion for all participants upon successful completion (at least 90% attendance)  of the program

  • Potential gigs for suitable participants
    (e.g. ad-hoc commercial shows, backstage support and involvement for productions)

Program Fees

Instalments:     $325 x 3

Full payment:     $975

  • Payments can be done by either CASH or NETS at the counter

  • Instalments’ plan :

    • (1) before commencement

    • (2) by the end of the 1st month of training

    • (3) by the end of the 2nd month of training

  • All late payments will incur a $50 penalty fee for the month

  • Refunds will not be made upon program commencement

Registration Procedure

  • STEP 1 : Download registration form here 

  • STEP 2 : Obtain 2 video footages of you dancing in an Open Class environment; at least Open Class Level 2 or equivalent

  • STEP 3 : Send your completed registration form + required videos to by 31 August 2019.

  • STEP 4 : You will be notified of the acceptance by 7 September 2019. If accepted, first payment has to be made by 14 September 2019 to secure your slot.

For all enquiries, email .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I join any of the programs if I have no background in dance?

A: It will be recommended for you to sign up for courses or start trying Open Classes first, as these training programs will be more beneficial to dancers who already have a certain level of proficiency and experience.


Q: What’s the difference between the versatility program and the 3 other specialization programs?

A: The versatility program focuses on helping you get exposed to multiple genres that will eventually aid you in adapting to several genres, while the specialization programs focus on the essence and necessary skills of that genre. Specialization programs will be suitable for dancers who already know what genre(s) they have a focus on.


Q: How are the weekly trainings like?

A: Intensive for sure! 3 hours weekly with our assigned faculty members to get your skills upgraded.


Q: How big will each programs’ intake be?

A: There is no minimum number this time round, but of course the quality of the dancers signing up is important. Proficiency is what we’re looking out for.


Q: Can I choose my mentor?

A: Unfortunately not. Mentors are allocated to you on a random basis. Whichever mentor you’re allocated, we’re certain he/she will be beneficial to your growth!


Q: Will I be the only mentee to my mentor?

A: There is a chance you might not be, as each mentor will be overlooking several mentees.


Q: Is there a chance that I may not get accepted into the program?

A: Yes you might, unfortunately. As we’re looking to have a proficient pool of participants in each program, do send in your best videos!


Q: For the video submissions, do I have to be dancing solo?

A: It would be a bonus if you are doing a solo in that class! But group videos are fine, so long as we can see you.


Q: Must the audition video be from Open Classes, or can it be a video recorded out of class?

A: Videos submitted have to be in an Open Class environment, and not from self practices.


Q: How will we get the opportunities to perform for gigs?

A: Our mentors and program coordinators will be constantly observing your growth and progress over the entire duration of the programs. And should we have any upcoming gigs that we deem you suitable for, there comes your chance!

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