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Virtual open class

Update 16 / 06 / 2020 


Thank you for being so supportive of our #cvvoc initiative, and we hope the classes have helped you become a little bit more non-essential.

We know that Phase 2 was just announced, and we are clarifying what that means for us, but in the mean time, we have actually planned a next cycle of #cvvoc classes for you!

(refer to our Instagram @converge.studios for news)

NOTE: Same booking process as previous virtual open classes. You will receive a zoom invitation link 1 hour before class. Classes are available for booking the day before.


Yes, we hear you!

For those of you who are running out of credits, or prefer purchasing a package, we are opening up our 5 Classes (valid for 2 months), 10 Classes (valid for 5 months) and 20 Classes (valid for 6 months) packages once more!

These are available for purchase NOW and can be used for both #cvvoc (1.5 hour virtual open class) or usual open classes (1h physical class). 

NOTE: Student packages will not be made available this period. Online processing fee applies.

It’s June, and we’ve been home away from home for longer than we expected. With initiatives like and our video tutorials (which are still up!) on uscreen, we hope we’ve given you some reason to move, and some inspiration to dance.


Moving forward, Converge Studios will be offering a week of Virtual Open Classes (VOC), conducted via Zoom! Here’s how you can Converge with us through Phase 1 as we exit the circuit breaker!


  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hours

  • Payment: Existing class credits can be utilized.

  • Alternatively, you can purchase Single Classes via MindBody using your account. Just for this period, Single Classes are changed to $13 (excluding MindBody processing fee).

  • You will receive a Zoom invitation via email one hour before class starts.

  • VOC schedule will be updated and renewed weekly.

Virtual Open Classes (VOC) FAQs

1. General
    a. How can i ​attend converge VOC?

        i. Create a Converge Studios MindBody Online account if you don’t have one yet. Purchase a Single Class or skip if you have existing credits. Sign up for your desired class(es). You will then receive a Zoom invitation link and password 1 hour before class commencement. The room will be open 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

    b. Why are you moving away from IG Live classes from

        i. Zoom affords us the ability to SEE you, and that would allow our instructors to give you real time corrections, feedback and help in your dance training and journey! It’s still not the full, live Converge experience you’re used to, but we strive to recreate that as closely as possible!

    c. Why are VOC 1.5 Hours long?

        i. We understand that it takes a bit more effort and time to ask questions, explain movements and more virtually, especially with you stepping away from your phone / laptop to move, then heading back for a closer view or to ask questions. The additional time allows us to give you the full class we believe you deserve.

    d. How will VOC differ from livestream classes and tutorials?

        i. Besides the ability to see you and give you corrections, tips and feedback, you will also get to see 2 mirrored views of your instructor at the same time to help make learning more effective and efficient: one full body, one close-up.

2. Class Credits

    a. How can I purchase class credits?

        i. Create a Converge Studios MindBody Online account if you don’t have one yet. Purchase a Single Class via Credit Card by following the instructions.

    b. What are the class credit options?

        i. Single Classes for VOC will be priced at $13 (excluding MindBody processing fee).
If you have existing credits in your account, they can be utilized for VOC.

    c. How do I check how many class credits I have left?

        i. Log in to your Converge Studios MindBody Online account and select “My Account”.


    d. What If I choose not to take VOC? What will happen to my class credits?

        i. Your credits will not be forfeited. All existing credits have already been extended, and will get further extended till physical classes resume. 


    e. What will happen to credits bought now but not finished when physical classes resume?

        i. There will be a mass extension to ALL credits regardless of when they were purchased, as long as they were still valid before our physical class suspension.


    f. Can I make cancellations if I’ve already booked a class?

        i. Credit will be refunded if cancellations are made 3 Hours before.

3. Schedule and Classes

    a. Will VOC schedule be same as physical open classes?
        i. No. Please refer to our website and our IG @converge.studios for updates. 


    b. How do I book a class for VOC?
        i. Create an account or log in to your Converge Studios MindBody Online account. Purchase credit(s) if you do not have any existing credits. Select the class(es) you wish to attend. You will receive a Zoom invitation via email 1 hour before class that will provide you access to the VOC.


    c. What is the cut-off time for class booking?
        i. It is recommended that you book class at least one hour before commencement, so that we can ensure you receive the Zoom invitation on time. 


    d. When can I book a class?
        i. Each class is open for booking the day before, i.e. virtual open classes for Monday will be available for booking on Sunday.


    e. What will be covered in VOC?
        i. Classes are still split according to Basics, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classes. For Basics classes, instructors will cover warm-up, stretch and/or conditioning, technique training and short combination(s) to try those techniques. For Levels 1 – 3, choreography will be covered.

4. Contact Us

    a. I have more questions. Who should I contact?
        i. You can email us at if you need help or more information regarding VOC.
        ii. Alternatively, our phone line at 6221 7980 will be operating from 2 hours before first class of the day.

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