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Recital 2023 Audition

General Information

1) Each dancer is allowed to participate in a maximum of 2 recital items only.

2) Recital Auditions will be held on 20 Aug 2023 and results will be released by 27 Aug 2023.

3) There is a $100 recital participation fee per item, payable on the first rehearsal, for successful auditionees. Participation fee includes training fee, recital tee and meals for show day.

4) Weekly rehearsals will start from 2/3 Sep 2023, and will be held on Saturdays and Sundays (See below for detailed schedule). Participants can only be absent for a maximum of 3 rehearsals, supported by valid reasons.

5) Key events that participants have to be present for:
- 1st Combined Rehearsal:  4 Nov 2023 (Sat) - 5pm to 10pm
- 2nd Combined Rehearsal: 3 Dec 2023 (Sun) - 5pm to 10pm
- Bump in: 14, 15 Dec 2023 - exact timing TBC
- Show Day: 16, 17 Dec 2023  (Saturday & Sunday) - Whole day

6) Auditions are free.

7 Dancers auditioning for Item I to wear Heels for Audition.

Auditions - 20 Aug 2023 @ Converge Studios Dhoby Ghaut

*Auditionees are to arrive 45mins before your registered audition slot for pre-audition processing

(More details in the Sign Up link below)

Audition Schedule 2023.jpg
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