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1) Please note that your class is reserved only after the purchase of credits, and if slots are still available after purchase is complete.

2) Price listed includes an online credit card processing fee.

3) Alternatively, you can make your purchases physically over the counter via cash or NETS only (no credit card processing fee). Members will only be allowed to enter our premises to make purchases before 630pm on weekdays and 1130am on the weekend if you are not attending class. For members who are attending class, you will be allowed to enter our premises 10mins prior to class commencement. Purchases should be made during the 10mins.


4) Reservations can only be made with credits in your account.


5) No transfer / sharing of credits and packages allowed.

6) Class refund will only be given if cancellation is made at least 180 minutes before class commencement.


7) With the new class capacities, we understand it might be harder to get the classes you want. Therefore, all Single Classes purchased for now will be valid for 1 month from date of purchase. Please note that the validity of Single Classes may change down the road, depending on the COVID-19 situation and class capacity changes, if any. 

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